Breaking the cycle

Help for Today

Our aim is to make long-term investments that lead to life-long change and help to build a better future, but sometimes help today makes way for hope to arise tomorrow.

Better schools, healthy families, strong communities and much more provide an advantage for some that others may never experience. The most vulnerable individuals in our communities have further to climb for the same opportunities many of us take for granted.  

If we were to sum up the mission of the Watterson Family Foundation in one word, it would be “access.”

Help for Today is about leveling the playing field and opening doors to opportunities that lead to brighter futures. To be able to offer hope for tomorrowsometimes a little help today is needed first.

help for today

The cycle of poverty is vicious, difficult to break, and is often repeated for generations. The Watterson Family Foundation is most focused on long-term solutions that impact current and future generations of a family, but we also recognize that immediate relief is sometimes needed to remove barriers that allow an individual to pursue opportunities that lead to true and lasting change.

We do not restrict our support in this area to any one group of people, but our personal journey has led to some very strong partnerships that are focused on helping single mothers, the foster care system, and veterans suffering from PTSD and suicidal tendencies.

Not every investment within our Help for Today focus will lead to lasting impact, but we believe that everyone was created for a purpose and deserves access to opportunities and resources that with hard work, can lead to open doors and brighter futures.

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