Help for today, hope for tomorrow.

Helping to break the cycle of poverty and inequity in South Carolina’s Lowcountry region by offering access to resources and opportunities that lead to generational wholeness.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide equal access to a bright and purpose-filled future for the marginalized and vulnerable.

The United States is aptly called “the land of opportunity,” yet there is no question that some are better positioned to take advantage of opportunities than others. The Watterson Family Foundation partners with organizations working to help level the playing field, providing opportunities and resources necessary for the discovery and pursuit of a brighter future.

Help for today

Help for Today

We don’t believe in putting a band-aid on systemic problems, but we realize that sometimes immediate intervention removes the barrier to make way for long-term change.

hope for tomorrow

Hope for Tomorrow

Working to open doors and provide access to opportunities and resources that can change the course of someone’s life, and impact future generations.

Lighting the path to a brighter future


Our mission is to provide equitable access to resources, knowledge, and networks that will allow individuals to thrive and help positively impact future generations.

Guiding Values

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